Software of Excellence takes training very seriously, as research shows that, for the average software system, a massive 64% of features are ‘rarely or never used’.

EXACT provides powerful tools that can significantly improve business outcomes, so by having a real grasp of how to use these tools you can start to boost performance and run your business more effectively.

We offer customers two types of training through the Academy of Excellence: online or a face-to-face personalised option, so you can choose whichever version best meets your needs.


Academy Online

Learn EXACT inside-out, online.

With the Academy of Excellence online, you can progress your team from basic EXACT knowledge to accelerating your practice performance and boosting employee empowerment – all from the comfort of your own PC!

The training programmes equip the practice team with EXACT knowledge and skills to drive the business, as well as providing formal certification and CPD hours.

Progression is by means of ‘belts’, similar to those used in martial arts. Each belt signifies a higher level of expertise with EXACT, each differentiated by the typical roles within a practice. Belts are awarded following formal assessment.

The belt progression covers initial learning, then develops into a programme that increases business performance for the practice. As staff progress, the assessment shifts from role-based learning to practice performance, with certification based on actual business outcomes measured by increase in practice income and gross earning per hour.

  • Benefit from online training videos and supporting documentation; working your way through the programme at your own pace.
  • Work your way up from White, through to Yellow and Green Belt online, with admin, clinical and practice manager-specific training.
  • Track your progress as you work your way through the programme and understand the strengths and gaps in your knowledge.
  • With Academy Online, you will receive instant results for each assessment.
  • Modules start at just £30.

Academy personalised

A unique training plan tailored to you

Software of Excellence’s Academy of Excellence offers a unique training and development programme that recognises excellence in practice management.

The Academy of Excellence training programme provides dental professionals with a recognised accredited and certified training scheme and qualification that adds value to the individual and the industry by helping practices achieve the best business performance.

EXACT is a very rich programme, but we find that most practices only touch the surface, using about 20 per cent of its functionality. Many practices are simply not taking advantage of the new functions and often this is down to a lack of investment in training, with many practice teams relying on training they were given years ago on older versions of the software. But, now more than ever, it is vitally important to maximise business efficiency and use all the tools available as effectively as possible. We all know that well-motivated teams, armed with the necessary skills will significantly improve business outcomes and this can now be achieved through a progressive low-cost, flexible training and certification programme.

The Academy of Excellence delivers the training programme as a progression, with courses starting at basic foundation level, White Belt, and moving through the performance curve to achieve the ultimate accolade of a becoming a Black Belt Practice.

The learning courses are delivered in a number of formats to suit your timeframe and budget; online, onsite or classroom-based courses.

If you would like to talk to one of our experts about how the Academy could transform your practice, then please fill out this form for a call back.


Customer success training day

Bespoke training for the whole team

This full day of bespoke training takes place at your practice and is led by your dedicated Customer Success Consultant. The dedicated and bespoke nature of the training means we have time to focus on maximising your systems to best achieve your business objectives. Training can include any topics relevant to your business and most commonly covers areas such as revenue growth and the successful management of UDA contracts.

The full-day schedule allows time for all team members to ensure they get the most out of EXACT software, taking into account the role of the individual within the practice. In addition, having Customer Success Training ensures automatic enrolment onto the Customer Success programme for 12 months.


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