Taking the plunge –

Eve O’Hea, Ireland’s Regional Business Manager, gives a few reasons why a move to a computerised practice management system needn’t be a shock to the system

On the most basic level the transfer of data from paper records needs to be managed in a timely and effective manner and training is crucial as no new system will be embraced if your team is not sufficiently familiar with the software and its capabilities. In the same way, ongoing support is absolutely vital if you are a greenfield site introducing a practice management system for the first time. Our experience with thousands of dental practices means that Software of Excellence has developed an intricately designed infrastructure of teams. We take care to nurture our practices for the whole of the first year following installation, so you will be fully supported in every aspect of the software’s implementation.

Storage is also an ongoing and increasingly important consideration for those practices that rely on paper records. Maintaining paper files requires space and the more your practice grows, the more space you need. Storing patient records electronically removes the need for physical storage which can prove difficult to find and can be a costly and unnecessary addition to your overheads.

One concern of those in the Irish market is that new technology can quickly become outdated. We are constantly developing EXACT so that it keeps pace with the needs of the market. For instance, V12 introduced marketing manager, designed to automate patient marketing campaigns with measurable return on investment, the result; attract new patients and increase revenue.

Of all the purchases that are made by practices, dental practice management software should be considered an investment rather than a cost. Once it is installed and being used to its maximum potential, the “value” that can be derived from it is vast. This feeling is echoed by Dr Briony Kells and Dr Nicola Barry of Fortfield Dental, Terenure, who said, “EXACT not only manages our day to day clinical requirements, but it allows us to keep track of how our business is developing. A real asset when promoting any practice in the current dental climate, it’s the most used and most valued investment that we have made. It’s also great to see Software of Excellence constantly improving their product with new features in each upgrade. We would unreservedly recommend this system.”

The move from paper has already been made by the majority of dental practices, which are now benefiting from this fully integrated business tool. Practice management software now has capability way beyond helping manage the appointment book, it also plays a vital part in running your business more efficiently. So the question is not can you afford to invest in a computerised system, but can you afford not to?

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