SOE campaign ROI dashboard

Increase your practice revenue with Campaign+

Create and automatically send personalised communications, whilst tracking your return on investment!

One of the best and easiest ways to increase your practice revenue is by promoting your products and services to existing patients. You wouldn’t find many restaurants or beauty businesses without a marketing strategy, yet a 2016 survey revealed that only 52% of dentists were promoting their practice; with 96% of that group saying that this is due to not having the tools to so. With this clear lag from the dental industry, Software of Excellence designed Campaign+, the automated marketing functionality within EXACT.

Campaign+ allows you to create, schedule and automatically send marketing campaigns to targeted lists straight from EXACT, then monitor which patients have responded on the “return on investment” dashboard. It gives you access to an array of campaign designs and templates, which you can personalise with your own practice branding and offers; including email, direct mail, posters, SMS and flyers. Crucially, you will be able to budget campaign costs and then track the actual invoice values that are generated as a result; taking the guesswork out of monitoring the success of your investment.