SOE solutions EXACT V12

EXACT V12 is a dental practice management software that does more than just manage your appointment book – it is specifically designed to help you run your practice and boost your business performance.

Developed with the help of many years’ analysis and research taken from thousands of practices, EXACT V12 dental practice management software gives dentists everything they need to automate many of the mundane but essential management tasks that collectively determine the financial success of a practice. EXACT transforms practice performance by organising all the different processes used to run a practice and improving the key performance indicators that govern long-term success.

With many integrated features including Automated Recalls, Marketing Manager, Workflow Manager and Utilisation Manager, EXACT V12 is the complete practice management system for a successful dental business.

Find out more about EXACT’s features and modules below
SOE solutions customer success

Customer Success Programme

Expertise and support that makes choosing Software of Excellence a seamless experience

Implementing new software at a dental practice involves significant change, whether you are installing systems for the first time or changing provider.

This journey affects the whole practice team and, if left unmanaged, you can spend longer learning the system, fixing issues and ‘guessing’ at best-practice – at a cost to your business in terms of productivity. At Software of Excellence, we work with you to closely manage this change, meaning your journey to increased productivity is planned, controlled and fast tracked. At the moment of switching to Software of Excellence, we appoint you your dedicated Customer Success Consultant, who will work with you on a one-to-one basis over the next 12 months. Best practice behaviour is then reinforced, your objectives are listened to and KPIs are tracked to demonstrate your ROI.

Available to new and existing customers, provided at no additional cost, but requiring passion and dedication from you as an owner and practice team; this really will push the boundaries and ensure full potential is unlocked.

SOE solutions Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager & Campaign+

Tracking the patient journey and monitoring your return on investment is vital to the success of marketing campaigns.

Marketing Manager allows you to create, automatically schedule and send marketing campaigns to targeted patient lists straight from EXACT, enabling you to target the right patients at the right time, encouraging optimum treatment uptake.

Responses are tracked automatically through EXACT’s intelligent software, and using Campaign+, you are able to instantly monitor return on investment.

With access to an array of campaign designs and templates, it’s easy to create personalised communications incorporating your own practice branding; including e-shots, direct mail, posters and flyers.

SOE solutions Channel Track

Channel Track

Track the effectiveness of your communications and pinpoint the source of new patients.

Channel Track allows you to delve deeper into your marketing campaigns, helping you to understand precisely which type of marketing works best for your practice. By adding unique phone numbers to each of your marketing channels, and dynamic phone numbers to your website you can track the effectiveness of each communication and pinpoint exactly where your new patients are coming from.

Channel Track also has the facility to record conversations with patients, enabling you to monitor how new patient enquiries are dealt with and introduce additional training where necessary, ensuring all queries are dealt with in the most effective manner.

SOE solutions recall manager

Recall Manager

Practices generally use up to four methods to recall patients; post, text, email and phone calls.

Even the most diligent practice team is sometimes unable to find time to implement a highly effective recall system, given the complexity of sending several messages across multiple media. Recall Manager ensures that the recall process is not reliant on an individual and therefore runs seamlessly.

By automating the recall process, Recall Manager improves workflow and captures more information, with a colour-coded graph that acts as a visible call-to-action.

As well as improving patient flow, there is evidence that achieving recall effectiveness of 60% or higher is likely to improve chair-time utilisation by around 5%. In addition, when recall effectiveness reaches 85%, a figure that is achievable when the process is fully automated in Recall Manager, revenues increase by as much as 16.5%.

SOE solutions Utilisation Manager

Utilisation Manager

The average practice is only 72% utilised, meaning that overhead costs have a disproportionately negative impact. However, top-performing practices achieve over 95% utilisation, resulting in greater efficiency and higher revenues.

Utilisation Manager is specifically designed to make best use of all available surgery time. EXACT recognises when an appointment is booked a defined number of days in the future and automatically prompts the receptionist to ask whether the patient would like an earlier appointment should a gap arise. If the answer is affirmative, the patient is automatically placed on a short-notice list. This list also includes patients who recently failed to attend or cancelled and didn’t rebook. The software then proposes a list of names of those ideally suited to fill the gap, with options to either call or text patients.

The tools available in Utilisation Manager ensure that processes are automated and patient flow is prioritised. This enables practices to intelligently achieve the optimum treatment blend and achieve utilisation rates that will drive profitability.

SOE solutions Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager

Managing the future appointment book is fundamental to the success of any practice and is a key indicator of performance.

Workflow Manager focuses on the management of inbound and outbound workflow processes – in other words, every patient is asked to make their next appointment before they leave the practice.

When treatment is finished, clinicians are prompted to indicate the appropriate appointment interval, which then automatically pops up using hyperlinks in the patient’s notes. This process makes it simple for reception staff to follow the clinician’s instructions and, based on professional recommendation, encourages patients to re-book.

The reception team is also alerted to other aspects of the patient’s record that are relevant – such as outstanding debt, incomplete or outdated medical history, dental plan membership, opt-in consent to receive marketing communications and even the patient’s birthday.

All the information can be customised to the individual requirements of the practice or the nuances of the clinician.

SOE solutions Care Manager

Care Manager

Increase treatment uptake by unlocking the potential revenue opportunity that already exists within your practice.

Care Manager within EXACT provides a clear view of all outstanding treatments in one single dashboard. With the ability to action, prioritise, assign and track each opportunity, Care Manager makes converting tasks into appointments effortless.

Care Manager is the easiest way to unlock revenue that is ready and waiting, as well as follow up on patients to ensure they have all the information they need and are ready to receive the treatment prescribed.

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