EXAMINE PRO Digital Imaging

SOE solutions PRO digital imaging

Seamlessly integrate digital images from a variety of different sources into one single database.

EXAMINE PRO software allows you to bring together and store a patient’s digital images in one place.

Examine Pro takes cares of your dental imagery. It stores, retrieves, prints and copies an image, while keeping its original format. This software works with a range of different imaging hardware, from cameras to x ray machines, with pictures instantly uploaded after they have been taken.

It can also take those images and add them to a patient’s treatment plan or presentation or emails.

Images are listed chronologically and dates, type, tooth and notes can all be added – even a colour coding system can be used to streamline patient filing by identifying the age of the image. Thumbnail views in the charts allow easy and immediate access; a double click expands the image to a full size so it can be viewed in more detail. The Examine Pro can dramatically improve image quality; it can adjust overly bright or darken areas, which leads to further increase in visible detail.

SOE solutions Chart Integration

Simple Chart Integration

View and access digital images directly from a patient’s tooth chart.

With EXAMINE PRO software, you can easily access a patient’s digital images directly from their file. A colour coding system allows dentists to identify the age of the image and if it needs to be updated. Thumbnail views in the charts allow easy and immediate access to the image, while a double click expands the image to full size so it can be viewed in detail and manipulated as required.

The integration between EXAMINE PRO, EXACT software and your digital imaging hardware means that new images are automatically added as they are taken, ensuring you always have the latest information at hand.

SOE solutions Annotations

Enhanced Treatment Plans

Easily add digital images to treatment plans, presentations or emails.

Preparing and presenting patient data has never been easier and can now be achieved in seconds. EXAMINE PRO facilitates the import of pictures and digital images into a patient’s treatment plan or presentation and can also be attached to an email. Images are listed chronologically with additional data such as date, type, tooth and notes included.

SOE solutions image quality

Improved Image Quality

Dramatically improve image quality with advanced image processing technology.

EXAMINE PRO can dramatically improve the image quality from your existing device using adaptive image processing techniques to increase local contrast. Overly bright or dark areas are ‘normalised’ so that more detail can be seen.

SOE solutions zoom function

Freedom of choice

Choose the digital imaging solution that’s right for your practice.

EXAMINE PRO seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of camera, x-ray and imaging solutions, ensuring you are not confined to a single technology supplier. So, no matter what hardware you buy, your images will be fully integrated into EXACT software.