Dr Charlie Haly – Haly Dental Care, Cork.

We’ve been using EXACT for over two years now. We have transferred all our paper files so everything is in the software now – it’s fantastic – a huge transformation.

A helping hand
The biggest difference I find is I can do my job much more efficiently and much more accurately with EXACT. Dentistry is all about accuracy. You’re in there working in a tiny little space so every tool that you can get that can help you is a help, and certainly Software of Excellence and the EXACT system has helped us big time.

At the end of the day you still have to do the job of filling the tooth or placing a crown but the back-up service from our computer system, digitalising X-rays through EXACT, makes us much more efficient. Our diagnostics are much more accurate so it really helps us to do our jobs better.

My staff absolutely love EXACT. No more checking for old files in drawers – when patients call us they can bring up their file straight away.

Targeted promotions – automatically
EXACT allows us to target specific groups of patients. If we’re doing a special promotion we can pick patients out by age group or gender. We can target promotions so much better than before – EXACT does it all for us.

Every dentist wants to have the best for their patients so when they come through the door it’s nice to portray that you have the latest technology. I fully endorse EXACT – I’ve recommended it to many of my colleagues. It’s a great system and a great bonus for my practice – absolutely.